Daniel Radcliffe slams Tom Brady over Trump support, MAGA hat

Daniel Radcliffe Has a Message for Trump Supporter Tom Brady

Patriots hold rally before leaving for Super Bowl

In a sense of a Blues Brothers vehicle chase, at least in sheer magnitude, the New England Patriots were successful in rounding up over 35,000 fans for their "Super Bowl" pep rally.

Considering he's British and probably doesn't fully grasp the rage of our divided nation on both Trump and Tom Brady, he might just be the fearless leader we all need.

According to Daniel, 29, when it was revealed Brady liked Trump, it was a moment where everyone in the country thought to themselves, "Come on, dude!"

Radcliffe, an avid football fan, declared that he won't be supporting the Patriots during their Super Bowl matchup against the Los Angeles Rams on February 3. "You're awesome... Don't put that in here, '" Radcliffe chuckled.

Tom Brady says there's 'zero' chance he'll retire after Super Bowl
The Rams' lone Super Bowl victory came in 2000 during the two decade period of time when the team was located in St. Players and coaches from both teams are scheduled to meet with the media all week ahead of the game on February 3.

The actor said Brady, 41, shouldn't retire, but should "stop winning things".

"So [I'm rooting for the] Rams".

And take that MAGA hat out your locker. The football player and US President Donald Trump are reportedly on good terms, calling each other and playing golf together. The two have also disagreed on the practice of football players kneeling when the National Anthem is played during games. While Trump called Colin Kaepernick's silent protest "unpatriotic", Brady saw the President's comments as "divisive" and said that he wants to support his teammates.

The NFL has been a controversial organization in the last few years, primarily due to the Colin Kaepernick issue.

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