Fallout 76: Nukes Disabled by Bug, Bethesda Says It's 'Investigating'

Fallout Loot gif

Fallout Loot gif

Fighting through heavily fortified silos to rain nukes down on different parts of the map is Fallout 76's main end-game activity, and nearly two months after release, it's one of the only things keeping most diehard fans around, since enemies found in the nuked areas are higher level and drop legendary gear.

Bethesda has announced an end to the maintenance and have brought Fallout 76 back online for all users.

One of Fallout 76's most explosive features was temporarily out-of-service recently. Codes in hand, they can go to a nuclear silo and launch them at spots on the map to punish other players, or simply give a fresh dose of radiation to a spot and create mutated high-level enemies there. Bethesda hasn't estimated how long the downtime will be - probably as long as it takes to fix the issue.

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Good news for Fallout 76's nuke enthusiasts, Bethesda has now fixed the bug which duplicated players nuke codes making them unusable.

Bethesda has confirmed the issue on Twitter and said it is investigating it. "#Fallout76 Players: "We're aware of and actively investigating an issue with Nuke silo access. Instead, players found the exact same codes that were released last week - except this time, they didn't unlock the silos.

It's disappointing, though hardly surprising, that the first Fallout 76 news of 2019 is about a bug.

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