Google Home upgrade: Your smart speaker is set for a colossal improvement

Google Home upgrade: Your smart speaker is set for a colossal improvement

Google Home upgrade: Your smart speaker is set for a colossal improvement

Hence, now is an excellent time for Google to announce new features for its virtual Assistant.

Google Assistant is the belle of the ball at CES 2019, with hardware partnerships popping up left, right, and center. For example, you can say "Hey Google, take me home", to open Google Maps and get directions for your commute.

Interpreter mode is a new feature that is said to roll out as an update over a couple of weeks on Google Home devices and smart displays.

In a demonstration at the Las Vegas exhibit, Google showed how its new Interpreter feature can be used to break down language barriers in real-time conversations.

For Android, Google Assistant will also work on SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Hangouts, Viber, Telegram, Android Messages and more.

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Google may be expanding the powers of its digital assistant for home devices and automotive accessories, but it hasn't forgotten about the smartphone.

You can check out all the new updates to Google Assistant here. Since Google Maps already calculates your estimated time of arrival when you're driving, the Assistant now lets you text that arrival time to others, at least if you're using an Android device. Anywhere people from around the world come together - airports, stadiums, museums, etc. - could be a target for Google. The device can manage your routines, wake you up with auto-adjusting brightness and animations, and control your smart home devices.

Kitchen Aid has launched their own smart display that offers a more discreet footprint than those from makers such as JBl and Lenovo.

If you plan on traveling with United Airlines in the future, you'll soon be able to check into your flight and even retrieve your boarding pass, all with Google Assistant. For hotel booking, you can instruct Assistant to "book the Cambria Hotel in NY on January 12th", for instance, and it will show you pricing options and availability within Assistant, which you can book using Google Pay credentials.

For example, "Hey Google, I'd like to book the Cambria Hotel in NY on January 12th". This feature will be very useful in many settings as it should work with any Assistant-enabled speaker or display.

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