Jayme Closs, 13, found alive in Douglas County, sheriff says

County Wis. Sheriff's Department shows Jayme Closs who was discovered missing Oct. 15 2018 after her parents were found fatally shot at their home in Barron Wis. The Barron County Sheriff'

Jayme Closs, 13, found alive in Douglas County, sheriff says

Fitzgerald had previously said he plans to update the media on January 15 about new partners and an expanded team that's working to find her.

We want to thank the Douglas Co Sheriff's Department and agencies assisting them tonight.

A 911 call with garbled audio was made from Denise Closs' cellphone at about 1 a.m. on October 15.

Barron County Sheriff's Department said earlier that the finding of Closs was a false alert. Officials are planning a press briefing for approximately 10 am Friday morning.

Jayme Closs was taken from her home in Barron, Wisconsin on October 15, after the teenager's parents were shot dead in their home. Investigators believe Closs was in the home at the time of the murders.

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Detectives have pursued thousands of tips, watched dozens of surveillance videos and spent countless hours searching for Closs in the months since her disappearance, but their efforts have not yielded a suspect or suspects. Following her release, Jayme will get the chance to reunite with her family.

The caller didn't communicate with police, but noises heard in the background suggested a disturbance or struggle of some kind. When the dispatcher called the number back, a voice mail greeting indicated the phone belonged to Denise Closs.

When authorities responded to the home, they found the front door kicked in and the couple had been shot to death.

"I hope that she's in good shape", the mayor said. She was located in Gordon, Wisconsin, officials said. Neighbors, family and volunteers gathered to help with searches of the area.

She describes Denise as a mother whose involvement showed how much she cared about her daughter: "A lot of parents will drop [their] kids off at activities when they get to be a little older". Half the reward was put up by Jennie-O Turkey Store, a turkey hatchery and processing plant in Barron where Jayme's parents worked. "We are also hopeful for the safe return of their daughter, Jayme, and are keeping her and the Closs family in our thoughts".

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