Ocasio-Cortez breaks with Pelosi in key early vote for Democrats

Nancy Pelosi Is Pushing a Pay Go Provision Despite Objections from Progressives

Ocasio-Cortez breaks with Pelosi in key early vote for Democrats

Democrats seize control of the House on Thursday with fresh voices and new energy as they prepare to take on President Donald Trump, many of them inspired to run because of his presidency. "This will give everyday Americans a lot more confidence that all the other things we have on the agenda are going to be done in a way that really meets their expectations and responds to their priorities".

Since Republicans had the majority in 2011, they established a rule that any bill allowing increases in federal income taxes must have the support of three-fifths of the lower chamber to pass.

One of the five key ways the new rules will "modernize Congress", according to Democrats, is the restoration of budgetary rules that are unpopular with some progressive Democrats.

So far, Democrats have given no signs of needing to revise the measure to win votes - and assuming its passage Thursday afternoon, Pelosi plans to move quickly to vote on legislation that would reopen portions the government that have been closed for almost two weeks amid a standoff over money demanded by President Trump for a border wall. In this telling, it is essentially a flawless articulation of conservative bad faith, in that it lets Republicans have a check on new spending after completely overhauling the tax code to favor the rich, which increased the deficit to new heights. "We shouldn't hinder ourselves from the start".

Her tweet came after California Democrat Ro Khanna said he will oppose the rules package because of the paygo provision.

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Khanna was the first Democrat to say Wednesday that he wouldn't vote for the bill, dubbing it "terrible economics". But with high-profile politicians like Khanna and Ocasio-Cortez signaling their opposition, it may able to happen.

Ocasio-Cortez's dissent follows her criticism of House leaders over a new select committee on climate change, which she said was too weak in part because the House rules measure didn't grant it power to draft legislation and issue subpoenas. "That is why we will be introducing legislation in the 116th Congress to end PAYGO".

Drew Hammill, Pelosi's deputy chief of staff, responded to criticism of the pay-go rule by noting how a federal law signed under President Barack Obama mandates across-the-board cuts to other programs if new deficit-increasing legislation is enacted. Only 18 Democrats need to oppose it to prevent the new rules from passing.

"I will be voting NO on the Rules package with #PayGo".

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