The new HTC Vive Pro Eye headset comes with integrated eye tracking

Mozilla promotes various VR sites and activities available with its Firefox Reality browser

Mozilla promotes VR sites and activities available with its Firefox Reality browser. Screenshot by Stephen Shankland CNET

It's only recently that browsing the web in VR has ventured away from viewing your normal monitor through a headset, and now HTC Vive wants to push that even further by announcing several new collaborations. The Vive Pro Eye's standout feature is eye-tracking technology which will offer numerous benefits to VR gamers as well as enterprise customers.

Both the HTC Vive Pro Eye and the HTC Vive Cosmos will be available later in 2019.

The Vive Cosmos is created to make VR more accessible to the masses. That's intentional as Cosmos won't rely on any external tracking sensors, which points strongly at onboard internal sensors. No problem. With the flip-up design, jump between reality and virtual reality in seconds without disrupting your immersive journey.

So come on HTC - let's hear more about this Cosmos headset. While the Cosmos features inside-out tracking, the HTC Vive Pro Eye brings you "foveated rendering" to change the way you'll look at games and apps in virtual reality (VR) forever.

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Besides just enabling new controller-less experiences, the company also notes the new headset could have a significant impact on accessibility since it could open up VR experiences to people who aren't able to use traditional hand controllers.

With eye-tracking, users will not need a controller for specific tasks, using eye movements instead to navigate the VR world. Other than that, the Vive Pro Eye has all the same specs that the Vive Pro does.

"Many industries are adopting XR technologies for a wide range of uses, including training simulations, virtual concierge services, enhanced online shopping experiences, virtual tours, and more", said Kyle Roche, General Manager, Amazon Sumerian, AWS.

That's ranged from a belief that this brand could take on the iPhone with the HTC Desire (which it did) to charting new territory into virtual worlds with the Vive headset (which offered a possible, exciting view of the future rather than an fantastic product we could buy right now). HTC also announced an unlimited Viveport subscription for VR content, called Viveport Infinity, apart from the new Vive Reality System. HTC also hinted Cosmos might one day hook up to a phone.

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