Video shows helicopter mountain rescue in the French Alps

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Image source

The man who was being rescued became exhausted while skiing and fell over, injuring himself, CNN reported.

A helicopter pilot showed off their incredible navigation skills when they rescued an injured skier in France last week.

The skiers encountered trouble this week 7,200 feet above seal level, in the Pass of Anterne as snow conditions worsened.

As members of his party watched on, a helicopter from the Peloton de Gendarmerie de Haute Montagne (French Mountain Police) delicately nudged its nose towards the steep slope. On of the skiers received a knee injury and could not walk.

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French resident Nicolas Derely recently posted a Facebook story about how his friend Bruno Tauziet was rescued from the Alps on January 2.

"It gained us time because the weather in the mountain were extremely changeable", Chamonix Gendarme pilot Lt. Jean-Francois Martin said in a report by The Independent.

The pilot performed the manoeuvre twice - first so rescuers could attach a leg brace to the injured skier, and then to winch him to safety.

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