World's artificial Meteor Shower set to rain down Earth

Shooting Stars On Demand: Japan Sends Artificial Meteors Into Space

Japan launches man-made meteor shower | World

While one satellite will try to create artificial shooting stars, another will test transmission equipment and cameras made from commercial parts.

For this, Japan launched a satellite to create artificial meteor showers that will be better than the natural ones.

The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is set to launch the Epsilon-4 rocket from Japan's Uchinoura Space Center at 7:50 p.m. EST (0050 on January 18 GMT), with a webcast starting 25 minutes before launch.

Meteor Showers can be a handsome thing to witness, but in order to see one, you have to get your timing just right.

Six other satellites were aboard the rocket, and all of them were released at about 310 miles (500 kilometers) above Earth.

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There's a new satellite was just launched into space, and it was put there to drop "meteors" over the city of Hiroshima. The satellite launched Friday carries 400 tiny balls whose chemical formula is a closely-guarded secret.

The satellites were developed by private-sector companies and universities.

ALE says the satellites will be programmed to release the pellets at the right location, direction and speed to provide a show for paying viewers on the ground. Ltd plans to deliver its first out-of-this-world show over Hiroshima in the spring of 2020.

Each star is expected to shine for several seconds before being completely burned up - well before they fall low enough to pose any danger to anything on Earth.

The western Japan city rose from the ashes after the 1945 United States atomic bombing and faces the Seto Inland sea where the floating gate of Itsukushima Shrine is. Tomorrow a Japanese company will move a step closer to producing artificial meteor showers visible for 120 miles to an audience of millions.

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