Freezing rain in the forecast

WATCH Dry Today Before Freezing Drizzle Overnight

WATCH Dry Today Before Freezing Drizzle Overnight

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement warning of a "winter storm with 15 to 25 centimetres of snow and blowing snow threatening Tuesday into Wednesday". Snow flurries are already falling in Franklin county as of 5 PM and will continue to become more widespread. Periods of plain rain will occur during Monday.

Considering the city's last snowstorm had colleges and universities shutting down, flights cancelled, and people literally skiing through downtown streets, you should probably prepare for your life to be slightly delayed, interrupted, or completely inconvenienced between Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

The statement said a mix of snow and ice pellets should touch down overnight on Monday. Conditions deteriorate even further by late Monday night as eventually the upper levels of the atmosphere begin to warm trying to transition this system into rain.

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Thursday: Mostly sunny and a tad cooler. There is a chance that this could start off as a rain/snow mix given temperatures should be warming into the mid 30s Monday afternoon.

A high of - 4 C was expected in Toronto Sunday. Mid-Michigan will be on the edge of a rain-snow line, which could bring a mix of heavy snow, sleet and freezing rain blown around by winds gusting to 40 miles per hour. The possibility of rain before temperatures go below freezing means pre-treating roads would be ineffective, since salt would be washed away. Most models are in agreement that we will not climb above freezing until late afternoon - early evening on Tuesday which would be the worst case scenario.

How much snow and freezing rain a region receives falls will depend on the exact track of the low.

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