Google’s latest app will reduce distracting noises during a call

It might be a battery waster but it looks fabulous

It might be a battery waster but it looks fabulous

The app can transcribe speech in real time, and works in effectively any language available through Google's speech recognition service. The result of this is the Live Transcribe that turns real-time speech into real-time captions via phones microphone making it easier for deaf people to communicate easily. Now Google is looking to use the platform to help the hard of hearing with two new apps.

The app uses a dark visual theme by default, which is purported to cause less eye strain than a bright white background. In some cases the apps have been downloaded millions of times.

If someone is out of your visual range and begins speaking after pausing for at least ten seconds, you can also set your phone to make you aware of this by vibrating as soon as the speaker resumes talking.

In a live demo, the technology generally could transcribe conversations with accuracy, including tricky transcriptions like when to use the word "Chile", the country, versus "chili", the meaty stew. Furthermore, these apps will be coming pre-installed on Googles Pixel 3 devices and users can signup (from the Android blog post) to get notified when it is available widely. Yes! you read it right.

By default, tapping this button pops up a shortcut menu where you can do things like open the Google Assistant, adjust volume, check notifications or take a screenshot.

Gnegy worked with the Accessibility team to build a prototype tool to help Kanevsky, which later became Live Transcribe.

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Otherwise, none of the functions in this menu are specific to the hearing-impaired.

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Google has announced that it's bringing Android users two new apps, Sound Amplifier and Live Transcribe, which are created to "make life a little easier" for those with hearing loss.

Google gave us access to try out the app ourselves, and I can see why it might help people with hearing imparities.

Sound Amplifier was announced in Google I/O 2018. It increases quiet sounds while not over-boosting loud sounds, and it can also be customized, with sliders and toggles that can be used for noise reduction to minimize distractions in the background.

"With both Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier, our goal is to help the hundreds of millions of people who are deaf or hard of hearing communicate more clearly", Google said.

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