Netflix Introduces ‘Smart Download’ Feature For iOS Users

Image Source Netflix

Image Source Netflix

Netflix has rolled out its Smart Downloads feature for iOS users- a seamless way to help users manage their downloaded titles on the Netflix app. Smart Downloads automatically delete an episode after you watch it and downloads the next one, as long as you're on a stable Wi-Fi connection. After you finish watching the first one, Netflix will automatically delete it and download episode four, so it's ready when you are. Netflix originally planned to launch the feature before the end of 2018, and on iOS first, but the reality was Smart Downloads landed on Android first. You can also turn it off via the app's Settings menu. Once downloaded, Netflix automatically removes the previously downloaded episodes, making more space available for future downloads. The feature is also available for Windows 10 devices. Don't worry about this impacting your data caps, Smart Downloads only will work on Wi-Fi.

Say you download three episodes of a series, for instance.

Netflix's Smart Downloads feature is ideal for those on the go, like anyone who often rides on underground trains. "The feature is one more way we're making it easier for Netflix fans to take the stories they love wherever they go". In the last quarter, the company added 8.8 million new subscribers, including 7.31 million non-U.S. users.

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To enable the Smart downloads includes on your iOS gadget, you should initially visit the App Store to ensure you've installed the latest version of the Netflix app.

A Netflix spokesperson said "The faster our members can get to the next episode of their favourite stories, the better".

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