Protester loses hand in Paris clashes

Gliet Jaunes protest

VIOLENT Police and protesters have clashed week on week in the French capital

An amateur photographer had four fingers blown off in Paris, reportedly by a stun grenade thrown by police at protesters.

About 55,000 protesters were involved in this week's yellow vest demonstrations.

The "yellow vest" demonstrators, named for high-visibility vehicle jackets, began in mid-November over fuel taxes then broadened into a more general revolt against a political class they view as out of touch with the common people. The police source, however, said numbers were higher, with 21,000 demonstrators taking part in rallies outside Paris.

"The opportunity will come on May 26 (the election day) when finally, the French people will be able to take back control of their future, destiny, (and) pride, which are poorly represented by a character like Macron", Salvini said in the video.

"When the cops went to disperse people, he got hit by a flash-ball grenade in the calf", he added. "He wanted to bat it away so it didn't explode by his leg - and it went off when he touched it", he added.

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Eight police officers were lightly injured during clashes with protesters in Bordeaux.

"We mustn't give up", said pensioner Serge Mairesse, from Aubervilliers, just outside Paris.

The French President was eventually forced to abandon the charge in a bid to quell the violence but ended up only firing up protestors keen on getting more concessions from the Government. That was down from the previous week, when official figures put the number at 58,600, 10,500 in the capital city.

Amidst ongoing protest over the French President Emmanuel Macron's economic policies, the job sectors in France had been hammering hard, since the French job engine is in a halt, which recently posted its lowest growth since 2015.

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio has defended his controversial meeting with Yellow Vests protesters, which prompted Paris to recall the French ambassador from Rome and sparked a crisis in bilateral ties.

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