Rumour: Apex Legends Map Leaked Ahead of Reveal Stream

Those A's in the Titanfall logo are similar to the new Apex reveal

Those A's in the Titanfall logo are similar to the new Apex reveal

There are eight Legends to choose from at launch, but Respawn plans to add more to the game over time.

Rumoued to be built off the same Source-powered engine that was seen in Titanfall, the new game will pit up to 60 players in teams of three in a battle royale, err, battle.

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Apex Legends is apparently set in the Titanfall universe but it doesn't seem to carry any characters of the Titanfall franchise itself. Titanfall 3 is also likely in the works, although there's no word on when we'll see it. The decision to forego specific abilities or items ultimately came down to a difference in goals between the core Titanfall games and the new battle royale. In battle royale games, up to 100 players are paradropped on the map and the last person or team standing wins. There's also the Respawn Beacon, which are one-use locations where any fallen teammates can be revived and jump right back into the action. For players who had trouble figuring out which scope went with a particular weapon in PUBG, Apex Legends has gear automatically attach to the appropriate weapons once a player loots them. (Image Credit: EA)Do We Need to Worry About Microtransactions?

No, there is no chance to hop on and get involved in some Apex Legends cross-platform play on any platform at launch. PS4 and PC players had some matchmaking issues that have apparently been addressed, while Xbox players are apparently still unable to purchase currency in-game - though it's possible to buy it separately on the Xbox Store. "These rewards are a mix of exclusive seasonal cosmetics and Apex Packs". Instead, Respawn will officially release information on Apex Legends during a livestream today beginning at 2pm CT.

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