Samsung Galaxy S10 to sport triple-camera setup

Samsung Galaxy S10 to sport triple-camera setup

Samsung Galaxy S10 to sport triple-camera setup

However, what many people don't know is that Samsung is also adding the finishing touches to Galaxy S10 at the same time.

According to the source, Samsung has begun working on various aspects of the Galaxy S10 already, a device ambitiously codenamed "Beyond".

Fan expectations are getting higher as Samsung is coming closer to unveiling its highly anticipated Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung is throwing down the gauntlet with its next flagship smartphone.

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In a report from Korean publication The Bell, leaked details of the phone show that the Android phone manufacturer wants to adopt key features from Apple in its upcoming flagship.

Galaxy S9 sales aren't as good as Samsung had hoped, but a new report says Samsung is preparing a significant update for the Galaxy S10 next year, to celebrate the phone's ten-year anniversary and to restore sales. If certain production benchmarks are not met, however, the new phone is expected to continue using an iris scanner, as older model phones have. Samsung Electronics is expected to follow suit with the Galaxy S10, which is likely to be released next year. The 3D facial recognition scanner is also present. More so, with a 3D sensor AND an in-display fingerprint scanner, there is practically no need for an Iris Scanner.

Galaxy S9 is a great smartphone, but Apple's iPhone X took the lead when it shipped with Face ID which allows users to unlock their device just by looking at it.

The Bell is saying that Samsung has partnered with an Israeli based software company known as Mantis who is tasked to develop "Intelligent Scan". For example, Facebook is now undergoing a class-action privacy lawsuit over its face-recognition technology, but Samsung is nonetheless diving into this area head first.

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