Samsung May Solve Design Complaints With Camera-Equipped S Pen

Samsung May Solve Design Complaints With Camera-Equipped S Pen

Samsung May Solve Design Complaints With Camera-Equipped S Pen

The sensor to click the image will be controlled by the button placed on the S Pen itself.

The electric pen device 100 according to an exemplary embodiment may be used by being mounted on electronic devices, such as smart phones, notebooks, or monitors, may input information or transmit a command to the electronic devices, and may include a camera 11 having a zooming function.

A recently uncovered patent indicates Samsung could have plans to add a camera to the Note line's S Pen stylus. Still not satisfied, it might even add optical zoom that is mostly absent in larger smartphones.

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The patent suggests that Samsung is planning to make a change to its S Pen and describes a method of including a camera into the S Pen that will feature one lens and an image sensor on it.

Samsung has been granted a patent that could allow the S Pen to sport a camera, optical zoom features as well. It was first spotted by Patently Mobile and brought to our attention by our buddies at TechRadar. With the S-Pen the Galaxy Note 10 could get a camera with a real optical zoom. Although the next iteration of the Galaxy Note series is still months away from been official, internal work on the device might already be in progress. While FIG. 4B confirms that Samsung intends to put such an S-Pen in a future Galaxy Note device, Samsung also outlines that slots could be put in future laptops or computer displays for storing the S-Pen.

If you thought it was weird seeing Samsung stuffing the Galaxy Note 9 thin S-Pen with a Bluetooth radio and battery, then the latest news about the celebrated S-pen might be more interesting to you, as Samsung thinks it can squeeze more into the thin piece of accessory. This could be ideal when taking notes during a meeting or lecture, allowing users to snap a photo of a presentation slide via the S-Pen to convert it to text, much like Google Lens and Microsoft's Office Lens.

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