4 weeks in, Apex Legends crosses 50 million players

4 weeks in, Apex Legends crosses 50 million players

4 weeks in, Apex Legends crosses 50 million players

Is Apex Legends officially the Fortnite killer?

Apex Legends has 50 million players worldwide just four weeks after its surprise launch on February 4, developer Respawn Entertainment announced Monday.

"Thank you to the 50 million players that have shown up in the first month since Apex Legends launched!"

Apex Legends has been the hottest topic among gamer for the past 2 month and its popularity is only increasing.

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We've recently seen how Respawn talked about its development roadmap.

Obviously, every competitive game - especially one that's taken the world by storm like Apex Legends has - is going to find itself with cheaters. It's understandable why it has become one of the most popular games out there right now. Here's everything we know about Apex Legends season 1.

No doubt the replies to this will probably be about the Season 1 Battle Pass, however, this is a huge achievement for the first month.

Does Apex Legends support cross-platform? Fortnite had over 200 million players as of this fall, but it also had more time to get to that point and has mobile users. Master your Legend's abilities, make strategic calls on the fly, and use your team's strengths to your advantage in vicious 60-player matches. They also said that the company would add new characters to the game and, also, new weapons. One team-mate apparently never made it into the game, while the other dropped out without dealing any damage.

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