Battlefield V Firestorm Battle Royale mode first look


Battlefield V Firestorm Battle Royale mode first look

However, Firestorm was not ready at launch, and instead, is due to release as the headline feature of the third chapter of the game's Tides of War post-launch content schedule.

Battlefield 5 Firestorm is set to release in March 2019, although studio behind game, EA has been silent regarding a specific release date.

A leaked in-game tutorial video has given us our first look at the Battlefield V take on the ludicrously popular battle royale genre. It seems likely that this video was meant to release soon as part of a promotional campaign for the upcoming game mode. The mode will be available in three versions; a solo mode, a "duo" mode, and a mode which puts players into squads. They appear to be sort of similar to the ultimates in Apex Legends, but we're crossing our fingers that they'll be earnable in-game via those objectives, just to make things a bit different. That's to say you will drop on a map, scrounge around for weapons for yourself and any potentially teammates, and grab backpacks for additional storage capacity on your person. These weapons will have a rarity ranging from Common to Rare to Epic.

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While not entirely clear, it looks as though there will not be individual weapon attachments that you can pick up and add to your arsenal. Safes are also present to give players access to higher tier loot but they must be cracked first, so watch your back.

One useful feature shown in the video is the ability to share loot between squadmates via a squad menu. It's also worth noting that Battlefield's trademark destructible environments are featured in Firestorm, as are its tanks and other transport vehicles.

The leaked video below does seem to fall in line with the datamined details we reported earlier in the week.

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