Brexit chaos: UK MPs reject Theresa May’s deal AGAIN

Brexit chaos: UK MPs reject Theresa May’s deal AGAIN

Brexit chaos: UK MPs reject Theresa May’s deal AGAIN

The advice echoes warnings from three of Britain's most senior experts in European and worldwide lawon behalf of the People's Vote campaign.

Or will they accept that this deal is the only one on the table, and that nothing else is possible between now and either March 29 or June 30 - so they simply must hold their noses and vote for it, to avoid political chaos and a possible no-deal Brexit?

According to Cox, the interpretive document offered by the European Union would grant no legally guaranteed right to exit the Irish Backstop in the event of a deal deadlock and triggered some aggressive selling pressure around the British Pound.

Unveiling details of a tariff plan that would last for up to 12 months in the wake of a no-deal Brexit, the government said 87 per cent of total imports to the United Kingdom by value would be eligible for tariff-free access, up from 80 per cent now.

Sky News reports that not all of the DUP MPs are "on the same page" in regard to how the party will vote on Tuesday evening's meaningful vote.

"It's likely the pound will react in light of the aftermath of tonight's vote - but in which way depends on the outcome of the vote. Furthermore, despite hard-core Brexiteer's professed willingness to undertake a no-deal exit from the European Union, the political reality which all are fully aware of is that there is no majority for this route in Parliament", George said.

His comments came one day after British Prime Minister Theresa May secured legally binding changes to the deal in EU.

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If that happens, MPs will vote on Thursday on extending article 50 which triggered the UK's exit process from the EU.

The second new document is branded a "unilateral declaration by the UK" which sets out "the sovereign action the United Kingdom would take to provide assurance that the backstop would only be applied temporarily". "Let's bring the U.K.'s withdrawal to an orderly end".

"The joint instrument also gives a legal commitment that whatever replaces the backstop does not need to replicate it". If it is the case that we were ever to get into the backstop. But he later added: "Now we have the outline of what has been agreed, I look forward to the full text and the opinion of the team of lawyers we have set up to advise us ... it's good to see rising enthusiasm and reference in legal text to the Malthouse compromise".

Speaking alongside Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini at the European Parliament in the French city this morning, Jean-Claude Juncker told MEPs: 'I'll let you into a secret.

The shadow Brexit secretary, Keir Starmer, immediately cast doubt on whether the changes would actually be legally binding, saying: "It sounds again that nothing has changed".

The European Commission president insisted there would be no further negotiations on the issue.

The EU said there would be no more negotiations with London on the divorce terms, struck with May after two-and-a-half years of tortuous negotiations. Because there will be no third chance.

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