British Parliament votes against May's Brexit plan

Second Brexit referendum rejected by lawmakers

British Parliament votes against May's Brexit plan

Prominent Remain figure Nicky Morgan signalled support for the changes, while Tory pro-European Dominic Grieve said he would vote against the deal.

"The House was clear on the need for legally binding changes to the backstop". I will speak in more detail about them when I open that debate. While some tweaks were made, Juncker did not agree fully to May's central change, firm guarantees on the Ireland backstop - the main issue at the heart of lawmakers' disapproval.

The pound, which had risen after May secured the changes in Strasbourg, went into reverse and tumbled after Mr Cox's advice was released.

If MPs vote against the possibility of a no deal exit of the European Union, they will decide on Thursday if they should seek to push back Brexit day from March 29, something Mrs May has said she does not want to do.

Reporter Steve Cannane is a former ABC correspondent in Europe, he's here now though in the studio with us.

Theresa May strikes an agreement with Jean-Claude Juncker.

A drawn and hoarse May admitted defeat - again - and confirmed that Parliament will vote Wednesday on whether to leave the European Union on March 29 without an agreement.

Lawmakers rejected the deal 391-242, ignoring May's entreaties to back the agreement and end the political chaos and economic uncertainty that Brexit has unleashed.

The PM said the changes meant the Irish backstop - the insurance policy created to avoid a hard border in Ireland - could not "become permanent", the BBC wrote.

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'It does not allow the United Kingdom the right to terminate the backstop at the timing of its own choice'. Even with updated language on the Northern Ireland border, the vote could still fail, as most of the 585-page withdrawal agreement from January remains intact. "The PM is giving us basically the same deal", said Labour's shadow Brexit secretary Kier Starmer, who is calling for a "pause" and more time to consider the next steps.

The historic bruising for May had led her to seek changes to the agreement in order to table a second "meaningful vote" before Parliament that would stand a better chance of being voted through.

It came after Mr Cox's advice sparked fury among some Brexiteers who warned concessions gained from the Prime Minister had achieved "nothing". It remains to be seen if they are enough to get the deal passed. Does that help bolster her?

The House of Commons will vote later Tuesday after last-minute talks with the European Union produced assurances that May said means the deal couldn't be used to tie Britain to the bloc indefinitely. It is legally binding.

LINDA MOTTRAM: And then we find out what the politicians think about all of that.

However-and this is a very big "however"-a rejection of the concept does not mean a no-deal Brexit is off the table". That's what she needs to win over to win this vote - can she do it? The U.K. won't be represented in the European Parliament after it quits the EU; its seats already have been given to other countries to fill in the elections.

"I am very, very suspicious and concerned about the time scale", Conservative lawmaker Andrew Bridgen said. They are not happy and they have been deeply concerned with what's been going on in the negotiations. "I am quite clear in my own mind it doesn't allow the exit the backstop unilaterally", Grieve told BBC radio Tuesday.

They had a Cabinet meeting last night.

"The prime minister has run down the clock and the clock has been run out on her", said Opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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