Dozens injured on flight due to severe turbulence

Dozens injured on flight due to severe turbulence

Dozens injured on flight due to severe turbulence

"It started, I was in the bathroom, so it started to go all the way down, so I fell down on the floor and I was all the way up to the ceiling".

The FDNY says 29 passengers on a flight from Istanbul were treated for non-life threatening injuries after their aircraft encountered heavy turbulence. Then seeing blood all over.

Both crew members and passengers were among those hurt, Port Authority spokesman Steve Coleman said. One had a broken leg. I was keep jumping, jumping up and down and I was looking for the door.

"There was like one or two seconds when it was subtle, but then it really started to pick up", Mehrbakhsh said.

There were more than 300 people on board the plane.

The Port Authority spokesman said other airport operations were not affected.

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Prior to landing the captain of this Boeing 777 with 326 passengers and 21 crew members on board declared an emergency.

Turkish Airlines expressed its regrets about this unfortunate experience and stated that it closely monitors the health status of injured passengers and is making resources available to them.

Earlier in the day, a plane operated by Canada's Air Transat made an emergency landing at another NY area airport - in Newark, New Jersey - after smoke was detected in the cargo hold, the company said.

Earlier in the day, Newark Liberty International Airport temporarily closed its runways after a flight from Montreal to Fort Lauderdale made an emergency landing with smoke in its cargo hold.

The National Weather Service's Aviation Weather Center had issued warnings for pilots flying over parts of America's east coast.

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