Google Duo on the Web is Now Live

Google Duo now rolling out for desktop browser - news

Google Duo is now available on the web, with voice and video calls supported

Notably, the Google Duo on web supports notification for incoming as well. On the off chance that you open Google Duo Web form on Edge, you will be welcomed with 'Duo for web doesn't work on this browser'. As per the Google Play Store listing, Google Duo Android app now has over 1 billion downloads.

Until recently, Google Duo was a mobile affair, as you could only use the app if you owned an Android or iOS device.

Google has experimented with various video calling apps and services many times over the years, but Google Duo is arguably their best offering yet.

Duo uses your phone number to initiate your calls, but also got linked up to Google accounts early on as well, so I have no issue finding users and getting calls started easily.

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The dark mode in Chrome can be enabled through a new feature flag, #enable-android-web-contents-dark-mode to be precise. After opening the link, the existing and active users are shown a list of their contacts and a search/ input box, where they can search a contact to ping or directly dial a contact's number. If the update is already available for you, you'll be able to see the Duo interface right away, if not you'll be contemplated by Google Duo usual landing page.

Another thing to note about the new Google Duo web app is that although it is under a broad rollout, some users might have to wait to access the Google Duo web version.

According to 9to5Google, the change is still rolling out on the server side, so to see if it works for you, head to in Chrome, FireFox, or Safari while logged into your Google account. From here, you can place both video and audio calls to other people who are signed up for Duo. Otherwise, the site will prompt the non-Duo user to download and install the app either from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. This option allows for easier access to the video and voice call app anytime you want to make a call.

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