Google Game Controller With Google Assistant Tipped by Patent Filing

Google's video game controller has (potentially) been revealed early in patent filings

Patent Reveals Google's Upcoming Gaming Controller

Sarang Sheth over at Yanko Design put together some excellent renders based on the patent.

Industry insiders are at fever pitch as the company throws hundreds of millions at a potential new gaming arm that will aim to break up the status quo in console gaming. But as our sister site TechRadar reports, Google is planning a big reveal event for the 2019 Game Developers Conference next week, so we could be hearing more about Project Stream - and maybe even get a glimpse of this patented controller design - sometime in the very near future.

Those rumours have gone into a bit of a frenzy this week, as a patent revealing a controller was leaked.

These renders were made to match a US Patent and Trademark office submission by Google for a "Game Controller".

This suggests that the controller itself might be the only hardware released by Google and that the Yeti cloud gaming platform would work with other, existing devices - such as Chromecast, Android TV boxes or released as TV apps themselve. The only Google-specific detail in the diagrams is the inclusion of a Google Assistant icon on the lower edge of the controller's face, which could be a button or light-up indicator.

Google's video game controller has (potentially) been revealed early in patent filings

Tweeters have pointed out the relative size of the small analog sticks to the rest of the game controller and the chunky-looking handles have also been criticized.

It can let you know if a game becomes available, if you have received a notification, leaderboard changes, and if you have a chat request. Instead of being used with a specific device, the Google controller would be used with several devices and device types - so you could have one controller that worked across a television screen, a PC, a tablet, and a mobile phone.

Google's Project Yeti will be able stream high-end triple-A games over your internet connection and will apparently be cheaper than a PS4 and Xbox One.

Whatever it is, we'll find out for sure March 19.

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