Google has great news about Android Q release

First Android Q beta release may be sooner than you think

Android Q Beta Will Be Available For More Phones Than Android Pie Beta

So, in order for the reports to be possible, the Android Q Beta should be available to testers, which is why we believe the first Android Q Beta build will be released on March 11.

Google launched the first Android P Developer Preview build in mid-March a year ago, but there's a high chance that the first Android Q beta release will drop a few days earlier.

What will come in Android Q is still a mystery, but an early dev build acquired by XDA Developers suggests a system-wide dark more, more refined permissions and Face ID-style logins could be coming with the next OS version.

Some Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL owners are experiencing irritating issues with their phones' audio and call quality. According to the listing, the Google Pixel 2 running Android Q scored 1,856 in single-core and 6,307 in multi-core tests.

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Illiyan didn't reveal the exact number of devices that will possibly be a part of the Android Q Beta Program, neither did he identify the phones.

First found by xda-developer's Mishaal Rahman, the bug tracker for Android Q is already online. At the very least, it seems like the developer preview for Android Q will be starting soon, but we'll have to wait on Google for official word on when it will kick off. That, of course, suggests that the Android Q beta could launch as early as today. But if you hate to risk dealing with a malfunctioning device, stay put till May this year or end of the year when fully stable Android Q rolls out.

Major versions of Android have been released in August for the past few years now, but that does not mean its too early to be thinking about Android Q. The next major update to Android is expected to transition to developer preview status as early as today. Not many options out there, so you can throw your guess.

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