Hands-on with the new Chromium-powered version of Microsoft Edge

The new Microsoft Edge browser

Hands-on with the new Chromium-powered version of Microsoft Edge

While it was previously unclear how the new Chromium version of Edge would be designed or what features it would boast, The Verge has now provided an exclusive first look at the software. You can download the setup EXE from the linked Chinese forum, but we have to point out - you do so very much at your own risk, with this being a source we wouldn't be at all confident about ourselves. This new version of Microsoft Edge supports more than just Edge extensions, it supports all extensions from the Google Chrome Web Store after toggling a single switch.

As for actually using Chromium Edge, it is much faster.

Edge via Chromium is now scheduled for release as a preview in the forthcoming 19H1 update to Windows 10. Some features are missing from what you might expect from Edge, though. But the most important thing is that Microsoft Edge can finally be considered an alternative to Google Chrome altogether.

Another area of importance is extensions - which add extra bits of functionality to the browser - and we've already heard that the new version of Edge will have a plentiful library of add-ons, as Microsoft calls them, thanks to the Microsoft Edge Insider Addons web page which popped up recently. Windows, Office, and even Microsoft Edge were all built and improved based on user suggestions. Due to safety concerns, we will not be linking to these sources directly, but it should not be hard to find for those truly interested in being the first to test Microsoft's upcoming browser.

And even though the Edge Insider extension is meant for Edigum, the company may also be making it available for the regular/old Microsoft Edge browser.

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Another feature people will love is the dark mode included in Chromium Edge, but it isn't enabled in this leaked version of Edge by default.

The build is far from finished - a lot of the features from "old Edge" which will be migrated are still in development - using a stylus to annotate pages, for example.

The Verge says the beta performs "well" on Windows 10, and that it comes with a few custom changes to the user interface, as well.

The speed and polish of Microsoft's new browser seem promising, according to The Verge's impressions.

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