Liberals delay debate on whether to bring Wilson-Raybould back to testify

Liberals delay debate on whether to bring Wilson-Raybould back to testify

Liberals delay debate on whether to bring Wilson-Raybould back to testify

"It's been incredibly hard - this is me getting a little bit personal here - for me and for my family, and I know for many of you", she said, her voice occasionally catching.

Conservative Michael Cooper says he can't believe the Liberals would shut down this meeting.

Two weeks ago, Ms Wilson-Raybould testified she was subjected to a "consistent and sustained" campaign including "veiled threats" by PMO aides to interfere and pursue a deferred prosecution agreement against SNC-Lavalin, a legal mechanism which would have helped the firm avoid a criminal conviction.

While Wilson-Raybould did present her accounts of what happened to the House of Commons Justice Committee opposition leader Andrew Scheer has said that her statements have not gone far enough and is now pushing her to continue sharing her experience.

The debate will take place behind closed doors on March 19, the same day the federal budget is set to be released. He even suggested they might consider inviting the former justice minister to appear as a witness before other committees.

She said the Liberals signalled to Canadians that they are simply "not interested in the truth" and continued to echo NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh's call for an independent public inquiry into the allegations of political interference. The discussion on future witnesses, including Wilson-Raybould, will now be next week, in private.

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"There were 11 people that the former attorney general mentioned that were involved in this entire affair and all of those people should be before the committee", she said. Had Wednesday's meeting not been adjourned, MPs would have discussed a motion to bring Wilson-Raybould back to testify - which would have required Liberal MPs to publicly state their positions.

Ramsey, who sits on the committee, is calling on the Liberal government to show real leadership and transparency to Canadians by allowing Wilson-Raybould to tell the full story surrounding SNC-Lavalin.

New Democrat MP Tracey Ramsey said Trudeau himself has benefited from a double standard. Poilievre said Trudeau needs to extend the waiver because something clearly happened in that time that was so "egregious" it pushed Wilson-Raybould to quit.

"Canadians deserve to know the truth, they deserve a government that doesn't have one set of laws for their rich corporate donor-friends and another set for everyone else and they certainly are not getting either from the Liberals", said Ramsey.

They were able to force the committee to meet, but couldn't control what happened when it did.

"We will use every tool in the parliamentary tool kit in order to pressure the government and the prime minister to stop his coverup and let Jody Wilson-Raybould speak".

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