LILLEY: Trudeau's never-ending SNC-Lavalin headache

The clock reads one minute to midnight as Liberal MPs Brenda Shanahan left Randeep Sarai Ramesh Sangha and Darrell Samson rise to vote during a marathon voting session as it continues into the night in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

As MPs pull all-nighter, Philpott breathes fresh life into SNC-Lavalin scandal

Wilson-Raybould says the additional information she will provide in her written submission will stay within the confines of the waiver she has already been granted, covering the period last fall when she claims to have been pressured up to January 14 when she was shuffled out of her dual role as justice minister and attorney general. "If there are serious concerns, we should all be concerned, but we've also got to continue delivering what we're delivering for Canadians".

In a new letter, Jody Wilson-Raybould says that she will provide copies of text messages and emails to the Commons justice committee that shut down its probe into the ongoing SNC-Lavalin scandal.

Wilson-Raybould says the submission will include evidence she promised to produce during her appearance, as well as relevant facts that will back up her testimony and clarify statements from witnesses that came after her.

The Liberal majority in the House shot down a Conservative motion calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to let Wilson-Raybould testify more fully about what she experienced through the fall and into the early winter, especially what prompted her to resign from cabinet altogether after she was shuffled from the justice portfolio to Veterans Affairs in January.

Philpott joined former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould in resigning from cabinet last month, following public allegations that Justin Trudeau and others pressured Wilson-Raybould to avert a criminal prosecution of the Montreal engineering firm for alleged corrupt practices in Libya.

She added that all material provided in her written submission would stay within the confines of the solicitor-client privilege waiver issued by the prime minister before she appeared.

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Liberal MPs publicly professed Friday to be comfortable with the pair remaining in caucus, in keeping with Trudeau's argument that diversity of opinion within Liberal ranks is a good thing.

The Conservative Opposition triggered the voting marathon in Ottawa after the Liberal-dominated justice committee shut down further investigation into the SNC-Lavalin scandal, which has led to high profile resignations by two cabinet ministers and an outspoken Liberal MP over the government's handling of the controversy. That denied Wilson-Raybould a potential opportunity to testify again and respond in person to Butts's and Wernick's accounts. "All they have to do is waive privilege and let Ms. Wilson-Raybould speak", said Kelsie Chiasson, a spokesperson for the Office of the Leader of the Official Opposition.

"If they want to tell their story, they have the best seat in the house in this country to do so".

That waiver allowed Wilson-Raybould to testify for almost four hours before the House of Commons justice committee. "Parliamentary privilege allows them to tell their truth and my advice to both of them is avail yourself of the seat you have in the House of Commons", he said.

Philpott said. "I think Canadians might want to know why I would have raised that with (Trudeau) a month before the public knew about it". "The issue at question is the issue of pressure around the Lavalin issue while she was attorney general and she got to speak fully to that".

Philpott said her information wasn't revealed in the justice committee hearings on Lavscam the Liberals have shuttered, nor does she believe the ethics commissioner has "the appropriate tools" to uncover all of it.

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