MLB Changes Roster Rules for 2020

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MLB Changes Roster Rules for 2020

The first change to roster construction will enter into effect this season with a single trade deadline on July 31.

The MLB Players Association and the MLB announced an All-Star Game Election Day and a $1 million bonus for the Home Run Derby victor, both of which will start this season.

As part of the agreement, Major League Baseball and the MLBPA will meet and discuss a renegotiation and extension of the collective bargaining agreement.

Those discussions, sources told ESPN, will center on the game's most fundamental economic tenets - not only free agency but other macro issues with deep consequences.

The new rules could also see a reduction in position players taking the mound as everyone will be designated as either a position player or a pitcher, with an exception made for anyone that throws 20-plus innings and starts 20 or more games at any position including DH.

The sides will also immediately begin discussing labour issues such as revenue, service time manipulation and the luxury tax. The current CBA expires in 2021. The prospect of division internally in either party is palpable as well, whether it's players young and old or owners in large markets and small. Commissioner Rob Manfred has been trying to speed games up and the three batter rule will speed up games slightly.

~ A pitcher also must face a three-batter minimum in 2020.

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"Major League Baseball had the same ability to put a pitch clock in place this season but tabled it as part of the deal, with the hope that fewer pitching changes - and shorter inning breaks, which are now down to two minutes for local and national games, per the deal - will speed up games", Passan wrote.

Players can be placed and claimed on outright waivers after July 31, but they cannot be traded after that date.

In late June or early July, an "Election Day" will be held in which the top three vote-getters at each position in each League during the Primary Round (including the top nine outfielders) will be voted on by fans during a set time period to determine All-Star Game starters.

For those participating in the Home Run Derby, player prize money was increased to $2.5 million. The breaks could be reduced further in 2020.

The number of pitchers on the active roster will be determined by a joint committee of Major League Baseball and the MLBPA.

Rosters will be increased from 25 to 26 players. Position players won't be allowed to pitch unless the game is in extra innings or if a team has a six-run edge. This eliminates the craziness of September roster expansion to as many as 40 when teams often were playing with unequal amounts of players and the volume of relievers went up.

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