NASA To Conduct First All-Female Spacewalk

Christina Koch

Christina Koch STR AFP Getty

It will be the first ISS spacewalk for McClain and the first spaceflight for Koch.

But it's ridiculous to think that, in the almost 60-year history of sending humans to space, no two women have ever embarked on a spacewalk together-even coincidentally.

Facciol tweeted about the historic event on Friday. Facciol shared her excitement about being part of this historic event in a recent tweet, "I just found out that I'll be on console providing support for the FIRST ALL FEMALE SPACEWALK with @AstroAnnimal and @Astro_Christina and I cannot contain my excitement!" Facciol made her announcement on March 1st via Twitter, expressing her excitement.

Stephanie Schierholz, NASA's spokeswoman, told CNN in an emailed statement Wednesday that the spacewalk now scheduled on 29th of March will be the first without men.

NASA didn't originally intend to make the March 29 spacewalk historic, a spokesperson told HuffPost.

However, she added that assignments and schedules are subject to change.

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In the almost 60 years of human spaceflight, there have only been four times when expeditions included two female members trained for space walks. Fifty percent are women. The lead flight director is Mary Lawrence while the spacewalk flight controller is Jackie Kagey.

About two hours later, hatches between the Soyuz and the station will open and the new residents will be greeted by NASA astronaut Anne McClain, station commander Oleg Kononenko of Roscosmos, and David Saint-Jacques of the Canadian Space Agency. Astronauts also conduct spacewalks to fix satellites or spacecraft that are already in space, instead of having them brought back to Earth to fix.

McClain has a head start: she is now on the International Space Station, of which NASA is one of five participating space agencies, as part of Expedition 58.

On March 2, the Crew Dragon launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

While she is aboard the ISS, Koch will serve as a flight engineer.

Koch was also chosen to join NASA in 2013 and has extensive experience in space science instrument development and remote science field engineering, according to NASA.

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