Send lets you share large files in one step

Firefox Send File Sharing Service

Send lets you share large files in one step

Mozilla today announced that its free file transfer service Firefox Send is now available for everyone.

This first official version offers more security controls. You can set the link to expire after a set number of downloads, or after a certain period of time.

Whether you're sharing important personal information, private documents or confidential work files you can start sending your files for free with Firefox Send.

Firefox Send was previously available as a "Test Pilot" experiment since August 2017.

"By default, files are stored for a maximum of either 24 hours or 7 days".

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From here, you can set the time limit, download limit, and password.

Files that are sent using Send are end-to-end encrypted which means your data is secure from the moment you send it to the moment it's opened. However, as with all file-sharing services, the easier the share, the more likely it will be used for casually passing copyrighted materials.

The service uses an algorithm known as AES-GCM-128 to encrypt and authenticate data on the sender's computer before uploading it to Mozilla servers. Only the sender has access to the files and the intended receiver of the files, who will be able to decrypt the files automatically when they finish downloading.

Mozilla touts Firefox Send as focusing on privacy and uses encryption to protect files. There's never any guarantee that a Test Pilot will result in a final product launch, but Firefox Send has apparently proven popular enough to graduate to a full commercial release. The service, which will serve as a direct competitor to the publicly traded Dropbox, lets anyone quickly, and easily, share important files, before it gives them the disappearing Snapchat treatment, making them disappear forever into the dark void of the Internet.

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