Small solar storm coming to Earth, aurora forecast strong in Alaska

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While this may cause some minor blackouts in some high-frequency radio signals and navigation signals, it may also give some people a chance to see the northern lights.

It followed a solar flare on Wednesday.

The southward shift of the lights on Saturday is caused by an ejection of plasma, known as a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from the Sun.

Scotland is where the Aurora is most likely to be seen, since it is further north.

They are known as "Aurora borealis" in the north and "Aurora Australis" in the south.

The ejection is expected to reach Earth on Saturday and light up the skies in much of the northern and southern hemispheres, according to a geomagnetic storm watch issued by the prediction center.

When these charged particles hit Earth's atmosphere, they cause electrons to move to a higher energy state, and when they move back to a lower state, they release light, which just so happens to create the handsome spectacle we have come to know as the Northern and Southern Lights.

Northern lights
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Seeing the lights from Indianapolis could be hard because the city is "probably one of the most light-polluted areas in the state", Holcomb Observatory and Planetarium Director Brian Murphy told our media partners at the IndyStar. The lights will be visible along and north of the state border between IN and MI.

Gear up for possible Northern Lights this weekend, Michiganders.

"However, the clearest skies are further east in Aberdeenshire, where there are plenty of clear skies".

The Met Office's Space account tweeted: "CME forecast to arrive late 23rd March following C5 flare from sunspot AR2736".

The level of geomagnetic storms are measured on a scale called the KP-index, which goes from 0 to 9.

Aurora alert! Residents in northern USA and in Canada might be able to see the northern lights or aurora borealis this Friday night to Saturday.

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