Son’s ‘sad’ tweet boosts business for dad’s new doughnut shop

Billy's Donuts is thriving after viral tweet

Enlarge Image Billy's Donuts is thriving after viral tweet. Twitter

On Sunday, Billy wrote on Twitter that the shop had completely sold out of donuts and kolaches.

On Sunday it was a very different story at Billy's Donuts, which is named after Billy himself, as customers queued out of the door at the store in Missouri City.

Billy By posted photos of his dad's empty doughnut shop on Saturday, writing that he was "sad" with the low turnout for the grand opening.

When Billy By saw his dad's new doughnut shop was struggling to bring in punters, he turned to social media to try to encourage some friends to stop by.

Over the weekend, one Twitter user posted online that his father had opened up a doughnut shop, and that he was sad that nobody was going. By also included the address of the shop in the message thread.

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The tweet subsequently went viral, with over 320,000 retweets and 730,000 likes as of Tuesday morning, and celebrities including Casey Neistat and actor James Woods amplifying the tweet.

The owner's son says he and his dad get up at 2 go to work and make the doughnuts. I can't thank everyone enough for coming out and supporting local businesses. "You are all unbelievable", By tweeted, along with a photo of his no-longer-sad father.

After the successful day, By changed his own Twitter profile to "Billy's Donuts". "This means so much to my family", he tweeted.

Twitter made good on their word, and sent over a team of employees to visit the Texas shop, even reportedly paying for some of the delectables for other customers.

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