Tesla Model Y: What We Know

Tesla Unveils Its Electric SUV Crossover Vehicle the Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y: What We Know

The Model 3 Long Range could get around 280 miles per charge. Those who follow Tesla may have been mildly surprised by this, as the solar roof in particular got a lot of attention a few years ago, but has been nearly completely overlooked lately.

First, let's talk about the name: Model Y. The names of Tesla's EV family were deliberate, and the Model 3 was initially supposed to be called the Model E. However, the threat of a lawsuit from Ford forced Tesla to change the name from Model E to Model 3.

The Tesla Model Y will be based on the Model 3.

Musk has high hopes for the Model Y. He said Tesla expects to sell more Model Ys than S, X and 3 combined. The SUV will join the Model 3, Model S, and Model X in Tesla's range of consumer passenger vehicles as well as the impending second-generation Tesla Roadster and Tesla Semi.

Front Shot of Model Y. Test rides of the Model Y are also in store. The original Tesla SUV, 2015's Model X, starts at $88,000.

Musk previously said he was planning to build the auto at the Nevada Gigafactory, not the Fremont, Calif., plant where the Model 3 was assembled.

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With SUVs and crossovers gaining in popularity over sedans, the Model Y announcement is seen as an important one for Tesla to gain further market share and offer an "affordable" electric compact SUV for the masses, based on its Model 3 platform. The long-range 300-mile range version will be available for $47,000 fall 2020.

And for anyone who wants to watch the full Model Y unveiling, it's available below.

It has a panoramic glass roof keeping it in common with the Model 3, adding to the feeling of space.

The last time Tesla unveiled a new vehicle was the Model 3 in 2016 - and the company didn't start shipping the cars until the very end of 2017, with many customers waiting well into 2018 for their cars.

This set-up should help the Model Y make it into production quicker and cost less to develop. The history of Tesla and its various problems led us to this point, where Musk expects that Tesla can confidently deliver on its production goals exactly as expected.

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