UK airline apologises for asking woman to cover up

Airline apologizes to woman told to 'cover up or leave plane'

Thomas Cook Staff Threaten To Remove Woman From Flight Over Outfit

21-year-old Emily O'Connor says she was left "shaking and upset" after being told her outfit, a crop-top and high waisted trousers, was "causing offence".

A University of Birmingham student has described her experience onboard a Thomas Cook flight which saw her asked to cover up more, despite apparently not offending anyone.

Ultimately, she ended up putting a jacket on to appease staff and social commentator, Liz Brewer - who appeared alongside Emily on the This Morning sofa - said staff were right to kick up a stink about the "demeaning outfit".

She said: "Let's get a few facts straight". It's clear we could have handled the situation better.

She said the airline staff said nothing to him, writing: "They allowed a man [to] hurl abuse at me whilst the Flight manager and 4 air staff stood and said nothing".

A Thomas Cook spokesman said the airline was "sorry" to have upset Miss O'Connor.

Ms. O'Connor turned to other passengers to ask them if she had offended anyone with her dress, adding that she would be "more than happy to cover up" if so, but no passengers responded.

Following an investigation into the incident, the airline says it wants to apologise to O'Connor again.

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She explained: "So I wore this outfit through security, and passport control, and nobody said anything".

O'Connor said staff members were standing around her, waiting to retrieve her luggage and escort her from the plane.

A member of cabin crew then told her: 'If you don't get changed we're putting you off the flight'.

The spokesperson added that Thomas Cook has "an appropriate clothing policy" similar to most airlines which "applies equally to men and women of all ages without discrimination". I was physically shaking, and they could see that, yet they continued to sexualise and ridicule me.

Emily added that to make matters worse, a man sitting two rows ahead of her yelled, "Shut up you pathetic woman, put a f***ing jacket on".

O'Connor's ordeal has sparked a heated debate on Instagram with users both showing support to the United Kingdom woman and shunning her. O'Connor is from the town of Solihull southeast of Birmingham.

"[The airline] said that a member of their team had spoken to Ms O'Connor about the situation and is now trying to get in touch again to offer a further apology, following an investigation", reports Sky News. "Our crews have the hard task of implementing that policy and don't always get it right", the airline added.

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