UNHRC says Israel used 'excessive force' in Gaza

UN adopts resolution to bolster presence in Palestine

UN human rights council condemns use of 'excessive force' by Israel at Gaza border

Dozens suffered suffocation due to inhaling strong tear gas, he said, adding that dozens of else were shot and wounded by the Israeli soldiers' gunfire, including two young men were seriously injured.

On the last day of the 40th session at the UN Geneva Office, the Council discussed the resolution against Israel submitted by Bahrain, Bolivia, Cuba, Pakistan, Senegal, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Palestine.

At least 257 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire in Gaza since protests began on March 30 2018.

The Human Rights Council made the request to U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet in a resolution that passed 23-8 with 15 abstentions, a vote loaded with political implications that quickly drew accusations of bias from the Israeli government.

The council noted that it was "gravely concerned" by the findings of the independent worldwide commission of inquiry, which warned of possible war crimes and crimes against humanity by Israeli forces during the peaceful Great March of Return protests.

"The targeting of civilians is a serious matter that should not be condoned", Palestine's ambassador Ibrahim Khraisi said, citing the report's findings.

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The Israeli bullets and tear gas canisters wounded 181 Palestinian civilians, including 53 Children, 5 Women, 1 Paramedic, and 3 Journalists.

In it, the Independent Commission of Inquiry said Israeli soldiers intentionally fired on civilians and could have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Israel believes the so-called "Accountability" resolution said the Council pronounced judgment against Israel without instituting a commission of inquiry as promised, instead condemned Israel for "disproportionate use of force". They say that Egypt and Israel have also come to terms with the fact that the Palestinian Authority will be hard-pressed to return to power in Gaza, either under a Palestinian unity agreement or as a result of the collapse of the Hamas regime in light of the dire humanitarian situation and the continued military conflict with Israel, said Israel Hayom.

Also, projects in the areas of infrastructure, employment, economy, health and education, financed by the United Nations, the European Union and Arab countries, "led by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE", will be implemented.

The United States does not participate, having quit the body in 2018 over perceived anti-Israel bias.

"Our decision to abstain reflects our concerns and balanced position".

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