Unlocked Galaxy Note9 receives Android Pie in the US

Samsung Galaxy S10 Face Recognition Can Easily Be Bypassed

Samsung to Launch a Killer Smartphone Cheaper than the Galaxy S10

Now, Samsung managed to ship out 19.2 million Galaxy S9 series devices in the first half of past year, and 35 million in whole 2018.

The Galaxy S10's Dynamic AMOLED display also includes the first-ever in-display Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner that reads the 3D contours of its user's physical thumbprint - not a 2D image of it - for improved anti-spoofing. That's the mantra behind Samsung's Galaxy S10 range. But that has already been overtaken by the Galaxy S10 5G which comes in at a tablet-like 6.7-inches.

The 10th-anniversary Galaxy S10 phones, which went on sale throughout the world Friday, are expected to achieve sales targets of 10 million for the first quarter and another 10 million for the April-June period, according to Samsung's parts suppliers. On the other hand, just recently, Samsung told the world that its USA pre-orders for the Galaxy S10 broke all previous records.

If 20 million phones are shipped out by June as hoped, shipments of Galaxy S10 edition phones will outnumber those of the series' predecessor a year ago.

Google Releases Android Q Beta 1
Right now, when you grant an app location access, there is no quick on/off toggle for when the app isn't being used. Hence, it is surprising the arrival of Android Q for Snapdragon 821 powered Pixel and Pixel XL phones from 2016.

The result of a groundbreaking engineering process, Galaxy S10's unique Infinity-O Display packs an array of sensors and camera technology into a hole-in display - allowing customers to maximize their screen real estate without any distractions. In fact, AT&T is trying so hard that it's going as far as updating phones with a fake "5G E" icon to mislead customers and make them believe they're connecting to a next-generation network. If Samsung stays true to form, and we expect that the company will, the new Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 5G will be unveiled at some point in August. On top of all that, a new leak confirms that at least one version of the Galaxy Note 10 will support 5G. Rest assured, we'll definitely let you know more about the phone when more information about it becomes available.

After Samsung released the Galaxy S10 Android 9 kernel on its open source center, developer Mishaal Rehman got around digging.

Samsung also advises users to "keep in mind that Face recognition might not recognize you if there are major changes to your appearance, such as heavy makeup, facial hair changes, or glasses".

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