Woman almost died from fruit juice injection

Woman almost died from fruit juice injection

Woman almost died from fruit juice injection

After injecting herself with the juice, she felt itchy and her temperature rose.

Her husband rushed her to the hospital, the Xiaoxiang Morning News reported on March 17.

51-year-old Zeng had an interest in unconventional health treatments, and on 22 February, she made a smoothie from 20 fruits and chose to inject the smoothie directly into her veins by using an infusion drip.

51-year-old Zeng said that she thought fruits are nutritious and would not harm her if she injected them into her body.

After five days of emergency treatment, Zeng's condition improved and was transferred to a kidney unit on the morning of February 27.

"I had no idea it would get me into such trouble".

She was at risk of dying from multiple organ failure and sepsis, Dr Liu added.

Woman almost died from fruit juice injection

Luckily, doctors were able to cleanse her blood using dialysis and treated her with antibiotics.

The story has blown up on Weibo with over 29 million people following this unusual incident under the hashtag #OldWomanPutsJuiceIntoVeins.

"With this lack of a brain, I recommend that she injects it to her head next time". The direct injection of juices into her body had caused damage to her liver, kidney and heart. However most people seem to be of the thought that this lady is extreme about healthy living.

One person commented: "She who knows not fears not!"

Others raised concerns about the general medical knowledge in the country.

Just to be clear, under no circumstances should you inject yourself with anything without the guidance of a licensed medical professional.

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