Youth Strikes 4 Climate

STRIKES Thunberg’s protests have inspired a global movement.
CREDIT Shutterstock

STRIKES Thunberg’s protests have inspired a global movement. CREDIT Shutterstock

The catalyst of the climate strikes has been Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old climate activist from Sweden.

Along with students all over the world, Madison area high school students are planning to walk out of class on Friday to protest inaction on climate change.

The School Strike 4 Climate rallies, which were inspired by similar strikes started by a Swedish student, Greta Thunberg, are taking place in more than 50 towns and cities across the country.

"I think there can be more awareness about it", she said.

"'There aren't very many spaces that I can be in charge of, and what I'm going to say is going to be heard, ' Margolin said". If you want a future that is safe from the threats of climate change, this strike is for you.

"And that is a big change", she said.

"We are the first generation to experience the impacts of climate change and the last generation who will be able to do anything about it", he said. But a whole bunch of grown-up scientists say these kids know what they're talking about.

The Greater Victoria Teachers' Association (GVTA) announced on Thursday, Mar. 7 that they were in support of the strike and would be sending representatives to attend the event.

"Yes, we do need hope, of course we do".

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On March 15th, students around the world will trade their classrooms for the steps of their local legislative buildings to confront legislators on the issue of climate change.

A group of more than 100 US-based climate scientists released a letter last week in support of the United States strike, saying that students' demands for immediate action on climate change are consistent with the latest science.

"If Neve (her daughter) asked me, we'd have that discussion". History teaches us that whenever youth mobilise for change, from civil rights to nuclear-free movements, their actions are always initially trivialised and dismissed as publicity seeking or naive, but we need to listen to these concerns, recognise the seriousness and urgent nature of the issues young people face, and act on their demands with urgent resolve.

But not everyone has been on board.

Education Minister Rob Stokes said that teachers should not include any political opinions in the work environment.

There are strikes happening in more than 90 countries.

In the USA, a national strike is planned in Washington, D.C., along with strikes in almost 50 states. "If our leaders on a global and a national level were doing their jobs properly then we wouldn't have to strike".

If you're thinking about joining a strike but are anxious about the consequences you might face from your school, the American Civil Liberties Union has a guide to student rights during walkouts and protests.

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