A black hole, once a mathematical curiosity, is brought to light

First black hole image How to watch the 'groundbreaking' announcement

A black hole, once a mathematical curiosity, is brought to light

"This is an wonderful accomplishment by the EHT team", said NASA's director of the astrophysics division Paul Hertz "Years ago, we thought we would have to build a very large space telescope to image a black hole".

Four teams of scientists worked independently to analyze their data, retrieved over 10 days in April 2017 by telescopes from Mexico to Antarctica to Hawaii.

Though her work developing algorithms was a crucial to the project, she sees her real contribution as bringing a way of thinking to the table.

The algorithm, a process or set of rules used to solve problems, converted telescopic data from eight locations around the world into the historic photo released Wednesday. We do not know for sure if the astronomers have been able to record an image of the black hole. "The ring came so easily".

The project, named Even Horizon Telescope, is the biggest experiment of its kind. While black holes can apparently stop time, it should be acknowledged that the predictive power of science, when coupled with human imagination, ingenuity, and determination, is also a remarkable force of nature. "The goal was to see this thing that was essentially impossible to see". It portrays a supermassive black hole at the center of M87, a galaxy which is more than 50 million light years away from our planet.

Impressively, that image had detail on scales down to just nine times the size of the black hole's event horizon.

Not only is huge, its really really far away about 500 million trillion kilometers away.

Researchers with the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration presented the "groundbreaking result" during six simultaneous press conferences held around the globe.

Katie Bouman (or Katherine L. Bouman) first learned about the Event Horizon Telescope in 2007, back in high school in West Lafayette, Indiana, then pursued it as work in college at the University of MI.

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The existence of black holes, caused by the collapse of stars, has been known for decades.

Messier 87's black hole is just one of two researchers are pursuing.

"Although, we've never actually taken a picture of one [black hole] before".

This kind of motion could only be produced by an object of enormous mass that could only be an SMBH.

Black holes are monstrous celestial entities exerting gravitational fields so vicious that no matter or light can escape. Which is what we have the privilege of doing now. Scientists claim that the image would help them probe deeper into many theories.

The new image confirmed yet another piece of Einstein's general theory of relativity.

Bouman did not immediately respond to ABC News' request for an interview. At the time, she was a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The talented thinker will continue to contribute to the Event Horizon team as well.

KUALA LUMPUR, April 11 ― Kevin Koay Jun Yi from Penang has the distinction of being among the first team of global scientists to have captured the first image of a black hole ― an astronomical achievement that is making waves worldwide since its release yesterday.

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