Burger King pulls NZ chopsticks ad after outcry in China

Burger King has apologised for the ad that featured people trying to eat burgers with giant chopsticks

TwitterBurger King has apologised for the ad that featured people trying to eat burgers with giant chopsticks

Burger King New Zealand has been called out by netizens for its new ad promoting a new Vietnamese burger.

However, the post was later deleted after a post condemning the advert as offensive and culturally insensitive went viral, attracting over 2.7m views, and led to an outpouring of criticism that Burger King was making a mockery of chopsticks and Asian customs.

Dr Shameem Black, Fellow in the Department of Gender, Media and Cultural Studies at Australian National University told Tom Elliott the ad was "very insensitive". According to media reports, the company still feels the pain months after the firestorm, as a-list celebrities and social media influencers around the world continue to shun the brand.

"The problem is not so much about chopsticks, but about a community that feels like it is being mocked".

"What used to be considered "creativity" is now deemed by many to be "bad taste" or even "racist".

"Isn't it okay to make fun of that?" Naturally, as with any backlash towards a brand, the statement they issued in response sparked an online dialogue between people with dramatically different interpretations of the ad.

For its part, Burger King in New Zealand has immediately apologised for the campaign and removed it from its social media.

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But even the burger missed the mark, Ms Mo said, because sweet chilli sauce is more common in Thai cuisine than Vietnamese.

And others believe those who have been offended by the advert are sensitive and show that people in China have an inferiority complex.

"Just because you yourself may not notice or be able to see it, doesn't mean you can be a spokesperson for the rest of us that do", she said of the critics. "Say no to every single manifestation of it".

In 2018, Heineken debuted an ad showing a bartender passing a bottle of the brand's light beer over to a white woman. Heineken pulled the ad.

U.S. fast food chain Burger King on Tuesday apologized after one of its commercials featuring chopsticks drew global backlash.

"As a brand, I'm trying to get into your personal conversation", Egan said.

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