Dark Phoenix Final Trailer is Here!

Sophie Turner

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Upon her return to Earth, Jean gains the nickname "Phoenix" from her fellow students, although that admiration soon turns to fear and distrust as Grey starts to lose control. From the shuttle rescue that she and the rest of the crew are sent to execute, straight to her confrontation with Magneto, we see some slick storytelling at work.

Though it doesn't offer a ton of additional information by way of the plot - it hits numerous same narrative beats as past trailers have, taking us through the timeline of Jean Grey's (Sophie Turner) metamorphosis into her sinister alter-ego the Dark Phoenix - but it does feature some super-tasty new footage that should boost hype for the film. That's some pretty damned powerful mutation at work there.

This morning, Fox dropped the official (and fiery) trailer for the latest live-action X-Men film, Dark Phoenix, which arrives in theaters this summer.

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It's truly an end of an era, and it looks like Dark Phoenix is planning to close this saga out with some heavy firepower.

Meanwhile Jean is embracing her powerful alter-ego after being manipulated by Jessica Chastain's alien shape-shifter - the malevolent force responsible for the explosion that rocked her ship.

But Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique remains unconvinced by the apparent miracle as Jean struggles to harness the incredible powers she has developed following the accident. While Apocalypse may have faltered, we can only hope that Dark Pheonix can right some of the wrongs, and cap off this new generation of X-Men films in a big way. It releases on June 7.

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