Facebook thinking of merging Messenger app back into main app

Facebook is testing the possibility of putting Messenger back into its Facebook mobile app

Facebook is testing the possibility of putting Messenger back into its Facebook mobile

Since 2014, if you've wanted to use the functions of Facebook's messaging features on your Android smartphone, you've had to download the Messenger app, which is totally separate from the regular Facebook app. Yeah, unfortunately. It appears that the chat functionality within the Facebook app will be pretty limited, only allowing you to send and reply to text-based messages.

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A Facebook spokeswoman said that the company did not have any additional details to share at this time. "Messenger remains a feature-rich, stand-alone messaging app with over a billion people using it monthly to connect with the people and businesses they care about most".

Jane Manchun Wong, a famous personality in the field of reverse engineering has posted an image in her Twitter handle in which she confirmed that Facebook is working to bring Chats back to the Facebook app.

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Wong notes that the Chats feature only includes basic messaging functionality at the moment. "To give message reactions, make a call, send photos, etc, you'd still have to open the Messenger app".

Facebook might be considering reintegrating some of its Messenger service back into its primary app.

As of right now, there is no information regarding when the update may come. Fast forwarding four years, Facebook has finally chose to reconsider its decision on moving Chats away from the Facebook app.

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