Fedeli's first budget lands with $163B thud

Ontario's Tories don't plan to balance books until after election

Ontario Budget 2019 to allow purchase of gambling tickets on smartphones

With the budget coming on the heels of proposed cuts to education - including an increase in class sizes and a decrease in the number of teachers - the government said it plans to spend $1 billion more on education over the next three years.

In a statement, Ford said that the province has sent "a clear message to the world that Ontario is open for business".

This is the go-slow approach, the Goldilocks approach, that Finance Minister Vic Fedeli has repeatedly said he would follow.

"This is both reasonable and responsible", Fedeli insisted.

The government also plans to introduce legislation to allow insurers to provide better auto insurance coverage options based on a driver's credit history or by agreeing to use preferred providers for auto fix or health care services.

Something the budget did not include: a gas tax increase.

"When you make these kind of changes you have to recognize that they will have (social) impacts and plan for those impacts", Horwath said.

The $347-billion question that goes largely unanswered by the budget is when the Tories will begin reducing the overall debt load, and they will have added about $40 billion to the net debt by the time they face voters again.

Ford's PC's are populists, not revolutionaries, and, alarmingly, are already displaying the spendthrift tendencies of the Dalton McGuinty - Kathleeen Wynne Liberal governments of 2003 to 2018.

Interim Liberal leader John Fraser said he can't understand the Tory "obsession" with pet projects like new licence plates and tailgating. They say this move will benefit businesses more.

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Ontario Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner pointed out that booze and gambling are mentioned "63 times" in the budget.

In a rebuttal, a "truly disappointed" former Northern Development and Mines Minister Michael Gravelle said in opposition from Thunder Bay that the Ford government's budget made no funding references to Northern highways and held "no useful information or funding commitments to the Ring of Fire".

Free dental care will also be provided for low-income seniors. The government could not specify what criteria will be used to evaluate performance, saying it will work with institutions to develop them.

In reality, his numbers paint a long and winding road to a balanced budget, a year after the next election, meaningless because the PCs only control the present, not the future.

The 8 cents in savings on every dollar spent isn't actually a cut in spending but rather, "savings and cost avoidance" between now and 2023-24 by not spending every dollar the Liberals had promised to spend.

A mock-up of Ontario's new license plates is shown in the budget revealed on April 11, 2019.

This year's budget lays out the government's plan to introduce legislation to allow for insurance companies to offer better coverage options based on the driver's credit history or by agreeing to use preferred providers for auto fix or health care services.

"I think it will cause a lot of rear-ending", she joked.

The budget uses the example of a single parent earning $40,000 a year with a 14-year-old would see $590 a year, while a two-income couple making $70,000 and $50,00 a year with two younger children would get $2,210 back. Effective January 1, 2020, the Estate Administration Tax would be eliminated for taxable estates with assets of $50,000 or less, and would be reduced by $250 for larger taxable estates.

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