Google unveils new open platform 'Anthos'

Google Cloud announces Anthos platform for the hybrid future

Google Cloud launches new Anthos open platform

We offer a simply engineered set of tools and unparalleled technology across Google Cloud Platform and G Suite that help bring people, insights and ideas together.

It all comes as Google fights to climb the ladder in cloud, an industry in which Amazon Web Services is the clear leader, followed by Microsoft Azure. But judging from the stream of announcements coming out of its Google Next show in San Francisco this week, the company isn't content to be number three in a rapidly growing market.

April 10, 2019-Bluecore, a retail marketing technology company with more than 400 retail customers, today announced it has expanded its partnership with Google Cloud.

Brands like Bed Bath & Beyond, Ikea, Kohl's, and many other retailers have been working with Google Cloud for years, but the offering for retail focuses on specific challenges they face.

The service provides connectors for everything from on-premise mainframes and relational databases to other cloud systems. The company aims to reduce end-to-end network latency, the time or delay involved in the transmission of data, to less than 1 millisecond (ms) in regions it operates cloud infrastructure. By breaking down data silos across customers, channels, and products, these solutions can provide clients with a real-time, 360-degree view of customers, generating new insights, powering new strategies for growth and improving customer satisfaction. Accenture was selected as the 2018 Google Cloud Global Social Impact Partner of the Year and as a finalist for the 2018 Google Cloud Services Partner of the Year.

Anthos is based on the Cloud Service Platform that the company announced a year ago and now its hybrid functionality will be available on both the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and in your data center with GKE On-Prem. For example, Vision Product Search, built on the Google Cloud Vision AI development platform, enables retailers to integrate Google Lens-type capabilities into mobile experiences.

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"That means no row limits with this connected sheet", Google's Hasbe writes in the blog. "It also means you don't need to learn SQL - you're simply using regular Sheets functionality, including formulas, pivot tables, and charts, to do the analysis".

One early connected sheets tester is AirAsia, an airline based in Malaysia.

Businesses with big ambitions had better be able to fund them.

Google is also enabling deep neural networks developed with Tensorflow to be built and executed directly inside BigQuery ML, the company announced.

migVisor for Google Cloud overcomes the "It can't be done" hurdle as it quickly scans and analyzes your existing databases, identifies hundreds of unique migration-impacting attributes and proprietary features, and informs you of some of the fastest, and least complex paths to migrate your databases to cloud-native database technologies.

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