Infiniti reveals Qs Inspiration Concept's minimalist face

The newest electric concept car will be on view Tuesday at Auto Shanghai

The newest electric concept car will be on view Tuesday at Auto Shanghai

An Infiniti spokesman stated, however, the brand did not aim to export the e-sedan from China.

The first electric auto for Nissan Motor's premium brand Infiniti is going to be a sporty sedan produced in China, the Japanese automaker stated ahead of a public announcement.

Infiniti has revealed the exterior of its new Qs Inspiration concept vehicle ahead of its official debut at the Shanghai auto show next week. The auto will preview future models that the carmaker will unveil later down the line and will be powered by EV and hybrid powertrains.

The sport sedan concept skips Infiniti's past of sculpted body sides and rounded corners for a flatter, angular look that's punctuated by a handful of body creases.

The INFINITI Qs Inspiration will be revealed at Auto Shanghai 2019 on April 16.

In the luxury segment, Infiniti will be competing with the Model S and Model X by Tesla Inc., as well as other models due to be launched in coming months by Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Lexus. But Infiniti had a calibrated approach in adopting electric power trains.

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"China has the most growth potential for electric vehicles globally, especially in the premium segment", Infiniti Chairman Christian Meunier stated according to Reuters.

Its design, especially the interior, would be significantly different to current models, design chief Karim Habib said.

At the same time, competition is increasing in China's electric vehicle market with a barrage of new models coming from startups such as Nio and WM Motor plus offerings of several established automakers.

Qs Inspiration will be among the latest concept cars demonstrating greener power trains. It is likely that Qs Inspiration may bear a closer resemblance to other Infiniti concept cars such as QX Inspiration and Q Inspiration.

A blacked out A pillar draws the hood back toward the rear of the vehicle but the roofline's rake doesn't appear to be as elegant or gently curving as the Nissan IMs concept, which we saw at the 2019 Detroit auto show.

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