Julian Assange tried to create 'CENTRE FOR SPYING' in Ecuador embassy - president

Julian Assange following his arrest

Julian Assange following his

A photo of Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno lounging in bed with a giant platter of lobster in front of him may have spurred Julian Assange's eviction from the country's London embassy.

"We cannot allow our house, the house that opened its doors, to become a centre for spying", Moreno said, in an apparent reference to the leaked pictures.

"Our decision is not arbitrary but is based on worldwide law", he said.

But when you're Julian Assange, holed up inside an embassy for seven years, you're options are pretty limited.

Julian Assange, dressed in a vest and shorts, skateboards around his bedroom in the Ecuadorian embassy.

Lenin Moreno also said that no other country had an influence over the decision to revoke the WikiLeaks founder's asylum, which the leader claimed followed repeated violations by Assange.

Meanwhile, as journalists and commentators joke about his plight, Assange is languishing in the UK's notorious maximum Belmarsh Prison where he awaits a United States extradition hearing for the crime of committing real journalism.

The WikiLeaks founder is in custody awaiting sentencing for breaching his British bail conditions in 2012 by seeking refuge in Ecuador's London embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden.

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Assange's lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, disputed the claims when she appeared on Sky's Sophy Ridge On Sunday.

Assange was arrested at the embassy on Thursday after Ecuador gave him up, and is now also fighting a U.S. extradition warrant relating to the release by WikiLeaks of a huge cache of official documents.

The Australian national is also facing sexual assault charges in Sweden.

Extradition to the United States would set "a risky precedent" for journalists worldwide, said Miranda, adding: "this threatens to criminalise journalism globally".

Pressed over the veracity of the allegations, Ms Robinson said: "That's not true". "This case is and has always been about his concern about being sent to face American injustice".

Williamson spoke to Sputnik at the scene of a second day of protests outside London's Belmarsh Prison, which now houses Assange. The charge is in relation to Assange's alleged work with Chelsea Manning, a former USA intelligence analyst, in cracking a password that helped Manning infiltrate Pentagon computers.

Instead, they will hold a news conference outside the Belmarsh prison where Assange is being held, the German party Die Linke and WikiLeaks said.

He also decried what he said was Assange's behaviour inside the embassy: "He mistreated our officials in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, abused the patience of Ecuadorians".

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