Kettering Council welcomes small gender pay gap

Gender pay gap

Golin champions transparency and change. 8 April 2019

Golin is not legally required to report gender pay gap data, but the company has made a decision to do so voluntarily in a bid to drive transparency and diversity in the industry. However, this is a slight decrease on last year's figure, 45.2 per cent, and its median pay gap has also reduced slightly from 36.8 per cent to 35.1 per cent.

The median is lowest in Scotland at 5.7 percent The South-East and South-West are the highest, both standing at 11 percent median hourly gaps.

The Coalition wrote to Premier Ford and Minister Lisa Macleod, Responsible for Women's Issues and Minister of Labour Laurie Scott to outline their plan to close the gender pay gap.

She says Indigenous women see the worst gender pay gap at 43 percent. "This is a genuine commitment to lasting change and we must welcome these efforts even if it does mean the numbers do initially go up instead of down".

She adds the Act wouldn't have closed the gender wage gap, "but, what it would have done is validated for women and the employers themselves so they could. actually visualize exactly the difference in pay, that they're underpaying them so much by. This resulting findings showed that any gender pay disparity at Guide Dogs does not appear to be due to a lack of female representation at senior levels".

It should be considered that these figures are extracted from an average report, meaning that they do not represent the direct comparison of a man and woman of the same role, although, these reports have brought to light the action that needs to be taken in the United Kingdom to regulate the balance within the workplace and allow more women to strive for higher roles.

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Save the Children was among the charities that have narrowed its pay gap.

Equal Pay Day is marked on April 9, 2019 in Ontario because women need to work 15.5 months - 3.5 months into the new year - to earn what a man does in 12 months.

In the supporting narrative, Save the Children said that it is taking measures to address the gap. This marks the second year that information on gender pay gaps has been available.

The percentage of men and of women who received bonus pay.

Despite sex discrimination being outlawed in the 1970s, men in Britain earned on average 17.9 percent more than women a year ago, according to government data. Financial figures would never be given without any explanation for them, and gender pay gap reporting should be no different.

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