Pixel and OnePlus Users Reportedly Switch From Samsung Smartphones

Pixel and OnePlus Users Reportedly Switch From Samsung Smartphones

Pixel and OnePlus Users Reportedly Switch From Samsung Smartphones

Remarkably, a total of 31 percent of Google Pixel 3 owners came specifically from the Samsung Galaxy S7, which at this point is over three years old. "Over half of all new Pixel 3 owners came from Samsung", said Jeff Fieldhack, Resesearch Director at Counterpoint Research.

Have a look at the freshly leaked case renders and you'll notice that the Pixel 3a, as well as the 3a XL, look more or less similar to the Pixel 3 and 3 XL.

The slow uptake of the OnePlus 6T bit comes courtesy of Counterpoint research as part of a pitch that investigates how less popular brands like OnePlus or Google's Pixel fare in the real world. decent, apparently, but not great, as the Pixel 3 was 7% of Verizon's sales in the same quarter.

Based on previous reports, the Pixel 3a and the Pixel 3a XL are expected to feature Full HD+ resolution displays, 4GB of RAM and Android 9.0 Pie.

With more than 80 percent of switchers coming from other Android manufacturers, the Pixel has pretty much failed that goal. "This is probably seen as a disappointment". Reportedly, Counterpoint estimates that around 16 percent of those who bought a OnePlus 6T previously owned an Apple smartphone. "Each device signaled an appetite for more diversity in premium device product line-ups from consumers", the report stated.

"What made the initial launch of the 6T so successful was the OnePlus brand image".

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However, in Q1 2019 we are seeing sales weaken for the device. We do not believe the OnePlus 6T will continue to grow in market share in the current sales mix.

"Starting with the OnePlus One, the brand has promised consumers solid performance for a lower price than the available Samsung and Apple flagships".

Additionally, two devices codenamed as Bonito and Sargo were spotted on Google Play Developer Console's which further confirms the existence of Pixel 3A family of smartphones.

This information has made its way to the consumer market and copied with their U.S. carrier deal made an impact on the market with 37% of their buyers coming from Samsung devices, 16% from Apple and 15% from LG.

"OEMs looking to disrupt carrier channels can learn from the successes and failures of these two examples".

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