Stay in Bed for 2 Months, Get Paid $19K

If you always struggle to get out of bed in the morning, this might be the flawless gig for you. The study pays participants $19,000 (16,500 euro) and is known as AGBRESA study 2019. "Bed rest simulates this condition".

Scientists have long known that lying in bed mimics some of the changes our bodies experience in the weightlessness in space.

"Crewed spaceflight will continue to be important in the future in order to carry out experiments in microgravity, but we must make it as safe as possible for the astronauts", says Hansjörg Dittus, executive board member for space research and technology at the German Aerospace Center.

KTRK reports that the German Aerospace Center will pay 24 participants almost $19,000 to spend two months on bed rest. This centrifuge is being used to recreate Earth's gravity during the first joint long-term bed rest study between ESA and U.S. space agency NASA into the potential of artificial gravity in mitigating the effects of spaceflight. And the beds will be angled downward toward the head, as this duplicates numerous effects of a low-gravity environment.

Some study participants will be spun in a short-arm human centrifuge that generate artificial gravity.

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Astronauts face the challenge of zero gravity or microgravity causing deterioration to bodies, muscles, and bones.

Volunteers will have a TV, reading material and other leisure activities to keep them from getting bored.

The study conducted in Cologne, Germany will have two campaigns.

The study won't allow the volunteers to exert themselves and they will be put through various tests of their cognition, muscle strength, balance, and cardiovascular function during the process.

NASA hopes women between the ages of 24 and 55 will volunteer. Participants must be able to speak German. Sounds tempting! Yes, this is what NASA and ESA are offering people at a princely $19, 000 for a two-month task.

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