U.S., Britain, Norway Urge Sudan Military to Cede Power to Civilians

Mohamed At

14 2017 is sacked Khartoum's envoy to Washington Mohamed Ata

On Thursday, Sudan's army announced that it had removed and detained longtime president Omar al-Bashir and was setting up a transitional military council to run the country.

Since then the heads of the military council and Sudan's powerful intelligence services have both been replaced, as protesters have continued to call for change.

Naji said that until the popular demands were met, protesters would resort to all peaceful means of opposition, including continuing their vigil in front of the army's headquarters.

Al-Bashir, who came to power in an Islamist coup in 1989, imposed a nationwide state of emergency February 22 in an attempt to suppress the protests after an initial crackdown failed.

Council "committed" to transition The military council on Sunday met with political parties and urged them to agree on an "independent figure" to be prime minister, an AFP correspondent at the meeting said.

"Remember, we are talking about a regime that has been deep-rooted in power for 30 years, so the SPA and other powers behind this protest know. that the top ranks of the military, those who have staged this coup, will not easily give up the power that the military used to have in Sudan", Vall said.

Some members of the former government in Sudan have been arrested by the transitional military council which is now running the country, according to reports coming out of the country on Monday morning.

The ambassador reiterated the UK's desire for the "swift formation of a civilian transitional government through a transparent, credible and inclusive process", already expressed in a statement by the Troika countries - the United Kingdom, the Unites States and Norway - on Sunday.

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On Saturday evening, the new military ruler named NISS deputy head Jalaluddin Sheikh to the council, with Himeidti as its deputy head.

"Afterwards, the SPA ... will be a guardian of democracy". The organisation that spearheaded the months of protests leading to Bashir's fall, the Sudanese Professionals Association, called on their supporters to boost the numbers at the complex.

The protesters, numbering about 5,000 with more arriving, chanted "Freedom, freedom" and "Revolution, revolution", and appealed to the army to protect them, Reuters reported.

"We call on our people to come immediately to the sit-in area to protect our revolution", the SPA said in a statement, without saying who was responsible.

The sit-in outside the compound, which also includes the intelligence headquarters and the presidential residence, began on April 6, after more than three months of protests triggered by a deepening economic crisis.

NB: Sudan and South Sudan are not the same country.

But the protesters' elation quickly turned to anger as Ibn Auf, a long-time al-Bashir loyalist, announced the establishment of a two-year transitional military council and later was sworn in as its head.

Siddiq said on Twitter he had also requested the reform of the NISS and the release of detainees, as well as the cancellation of all bureaucracy and permits for delivering humanitarian aid. Sudan's government has previously denied wrongdoing by the RSF.

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