Use Your Android Phone As A Security Key For Signing Into Websites

Google adds Assistant feature to silence Android phones via Home speakers

Use Your Android Phone As A Security Key For Signing Into Websites

The redesign does not implement any major changes in the user interface (UI) or navigation on Snapchat, but the new version is expected to be much faster than the old version with lesser bugs, The Verge reported on Monday.

The malicious software disguised itself as a carrier assistance app which once installed can secretly steal victim's contacts, photos, videos and audio recordings, Global Positioning System information and their real-time location data. Their last work was widely appreciated in which they created Exodus, based on Android for Italian authorities.

It was first discovered by a mobile security firm, Lookout, who stated that the app was being used for mobile networks in Italy and Turkmenistan.

Researchers at mobile security firm Lookout have discovered an iOS version of a risky piece of spyware typically found exclusively on Android devices.

An iOS version of Exodus is now putting iPhone users in serious danger as it targets victims from the unsuspecting Apple customers. The researchers further found out that the iOS version of Exodus could even be triggered remotely to spy on an iPhone user's conversations.

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Lookout researchers found out that the developer of the iOS version of Exodus used the Apple enterprise certificate to invade iPhones. The method was thought like simple information pages for mobile that redirected you to Google Play Store or Apple for the download of apps.

Researchers from Lookout had contacted Apple about the malware, and the company has revoked the app's enterprise certificate.

What is Apple doing to eliminate the risk?

Finally, users must take precautions and try to avoid those kinds of spyware like Exodus, by not accessing the links, stay strictly to the app store like Google Play Store or Apple Store. The tech giant also disabled every iPhone installed app from the said developer making it impossible for them to run offline. However, the iOS version of Exodus is a clear manifestation that the certificates can be abused and that iOS users are not immune to danger.

This is not a unique feature for the United Kingdom government that's for sure, and this means that developers can get ready to roll out the NFC functionality from Android apps to the iOS-powered iPhone. The app is developed by Connexxa, who are known for creating surveillance.

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